Add pixels to your reality with Skware icons

Tiny squares to boost up your Mario-like video game, 80’s poster, or next awesome retro project.

Big time drop of rad squares

Skware is a free, open-for contribution, CC FREE licensed icon pack.

With Skware you can pixelate any project you're working on in seconds...

100 Icons

Fresh out of the box, fine tuned to the perfection

Wig out

Depixelated square by square, twist the way you want it


Upscale, downscale, they look fantabulous at any size


Pixelized, vectorized, and optimized

Skware it up!

Amazing ways to use the icon pack:

  • Web, desktop or mobile apps
  • Mod builders, and video games
  • Social media, prints, banners
  • and much more…
  • All icons

    TURBO Pack

    Join on a journey to bring the best, most extensive, pixel perfect icon pack into this reality.
    Let’s make it lit together, by adding:

  • 1000+ icon mega pack
  • NPM – ReactJS package
  • 16px,32px,48px size adaptation
  • and more to come…
  • Download Icons

    Get the entire icon pack in one click.

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    Icon request, contributing or willing collaborate?
    Just leave a message!


    I would love to appreciate everyone who invested their time to support this projects. Developers, designers, individual contributors, across every channel – I would love to say thank you for your hard work!

    Andrew Lopatin – vectorized icons
    Anastasia Melnyk -created stunning cover art, and screenshots for social media

    There are 2 ways to contribute to the project.

    1. If you’re an individual, or a company
    – Contribute via DONATION >. These funds will go directly to designers, and developers. You will be notified via email with each new update.

    2. If you’re a designer, developer, creator
    – Contribute via DONATION > , these funds will go directly to creators, and designers.
    – Contribute via uploading to the shared open repository of files on github by following the link https://github.com/danylpo/skware

    If you have any additional questions, text me at danylpo.com@gmail.com

    Yes this icon pack is going to be free forever.
    Check the free to use Creative commons license agreement for additional information.

    Skware by Danyl P. is licensed under CC BY 4.0

    You can subscribe to the newsletter and I will notify you when the new version update, icons, or features are going to be released.

    (I will not send you any spam messages, only relevant updates about the product)or

    You can contribute icons yourself via Github page

    Danyl P. – lead product designer.

    On a mission to shape meaningful and thoughtful experiences.

    Unlock TURBO Pack

    The pack is currently in development, planned to release - end of Q4 2022. Here's what we plan to include:

  • 1000+ icon mega pack (24% done)
  • NPM – ReactJS package
  • 16px,32px,48px size adaptation
  • and more to come…
  • Support project financially. All funds will directly to design & development.


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