Creating experience-driven product design for startups

I design structured, visually immersive emotional experiences for web and digital products.


Origin is a digital distribution platform designed for buying video games. As a user, I noticed that the platform had an outdated appearance and faced usability issues. Driven by my passion for crafting seamless experiences, I took it upon myself to reimagine and enhance the product.


SMSEdge is a global marketing platform designed for large volume advertisers. I thoroughly audited SMSEdge’s structure and carried out user research. By identifying and validating key issues, I meticulously crafted sitemaps, user flows, and wireframes to revamp the platform, ensuring a top-notch experience for every user.


Dojohome represents a groundbreaking approach to homeownership. Teaming up with the founders, we shared a mutual passion for creating immersive experiences. Our collaboration focused on crafting a distinct visual identity and user experience for the new Dojohome website and MVP, ensuring that every step of the journey is engaging and memorable for future homeowners.


COMM is a cloud communications platform that allows businesses to use a wide variety of communication channels. I was assigned to create a brand look, logo and a website.


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Imaginative concepts, ideas, work in progress

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More case studies showing design process in detail


Thoughts & ideas about product design in startups

My Story

I was always fascinated by how design can make or break the experience for every product. I began my creative journey in the gaming world, building mods for Warcraft, Starcraft, and C&C Generals. The modding community taught me the importance of collaboration and feedback in the creative process.

I initially studied law but found it limiting for my creativity. A graphic design program in Israel reignited my passion for creativity and set me on the path to dedicate myself to design fully.

I’ve collaborated with incredible startups, leveraging my diverse skills in game mods, graphic, and product design to build digital products people love. Each project has offered unique challenges and opportunities for growth.

Excited for the future, I’m eager to discover new opportunities to create memorable experiences.

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